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The pattent group advise and counsel a diverse range of Korean and international clients, from corporations to individuals, in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications in Korea and many other countries worldwide.

Our team of patent specialists cover a board spectrum of technical areas, including chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, electrical, mechanical and computer based technologies and have considerable expertise in all three of the main patent disciplines - utility, plant and design.

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:: Trademark Professionals ::

The Trademark & Legal Department of Kims and Lees six (6) professionals.

Ms. Sun R. KIM, Attorney at law experienced in all aspects of intellectual property matters including litigation and licensing transaction and trained in various European and Asian law firm, she is the driving force, which keeps us abreast of the latest international trends in the intellectual property practice.

Mr. Doo Hyun CHANG, Trademark Attorney worked at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) for 19 years as a trademark examiner and trial judge before joining Kims and Lees in 2001.

Mr. Hyun Ghook YANG, Attorney at law worked as Public Prosecutor for 19 years and as Chairman of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission, Korea Consumer Protection Board for 9 years before joining Kims and Lees, which bring us his experience in various kinds of litigations and knowledge gained from training in the public sector.

Ms. Ra Hong MIN, Trademark Attorney gained various experiences, focusing for trademarks and unfair competition matters for 6 years including 4 years experience in Central Law and Patent Firm before joining Kims and Lees in 2001.

Ms. Il Hee BAHN, Trademark Attorney worked at Cheil Communication (Advertising Firm) as a Commercial Planner (1995-1998) and joined Kims and Lees in 2003.

Mr Duck Bin CHOI, Attorney at law worked at Cheil Communication (Advertising Firm) as a Commercial Planner (1995-1998) and joined Kims and Lees in 2003.

Our services encompass licensing, technology transfer, unfair competition, trade secret as well as trademark such as searching, watching, filing and prosecuting applications to registration, post-registration procedures, counseling on all stages of trademark protection and litigation. The Trademark and Legal Department of Kims and Lees has expertise to advise and manage the trademark portfolio of multi-national corporations on a worldwide basis and devise> trademark-filing schemes for the protection and acquisition of trademark rights from a strategic business perspective.

Manned with attorneys who are experts in all aspects of trademark and experienced in all sectors - public and private, domestic and international - the Trademark & Legal Department of Kims and Lees is capable of providing our clients with the highest quality and full-scale services for all matters relating to trademark.

Our trademark practice is international in scope, extending from the U.S.A., Canada to European countries, U. K. to Scandinavia, Australia to Asian countries and Africa through our long-standing network of foreign associates for about three decades.

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