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The patent group advise and counsel a diverse range of Korean and international clients, from corporations to individuals, in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications in Korea and many other countries worldwide.

Our team of patent specialists cover a broad spectrum of technical areas, including chemical, biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, electrical, mechanical and computer based technologies and have considerable expertise in all three of the main patent disciplines-utility, plant and design
¥°. Chemistry / Biotech/ Pharmaceutical Patents

- Chamical
- Biotechnology
- Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics
- Polymer / Metal materials
- Plant variety

¥±. Electrical / Electronic Patents

- Computer-Related Technology & Data Communication
- Industrial Electric & Electronic Application
- Electronic Circuit
- Semiconductor & Integrated Circuit Technology
- Liquid Crystal Display
- Business Model

¥². Mechanical Patents

- Manufacturing Apparatus and Process
- Fluid and Heat Transfer
- Automobile and Transporting Vehicles
- Nuclear Power Plants
- Marine & Aeronautical Engineering
- Civil Engineering and Architecture

lV. Design, Utility Model

- Preparing Drawing
- Invalidity matters



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