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The most typical type of counterfeiting in Korea makes surreptitious use of well-known trademarks owned by foreign nationals. Such activity domain name cybersquatting on Internet constitutes an infringement of trademark right. Unless an appropriate action is taken at an appropriate time, the right of trademark may be lost. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that professional advice be sought at the earliest stage when embarking on a new development or new line of business. We offer a wide range of services relating to Anti-Counterfeiting Activity in Korea.

WATCHING SERVICE -- we provide our periodical watching service mainly based on the studies of the Official Trademark Gazette, Official Design Gazette and Interim Trademark Gazette. Through such watching services, possible infringement may be eradicated by way of filing a timely opposition to applications for confusingly similar marks. In case of already registered counterfeit marks, we may file an invalidation trial. In order to effectively accomplish our work, we may disclose counterfeiters through investigation via market survey and make a black list for such counterfeiters to enforce our control against them.

ANTI-COUNTERFEITING -- counterfeiters disclosed as a result of our watching service, market survey as well as information from special channels will be the focused target in our anti-counterfeiting task. We may take criminal and civil action against them upon the client's instructions.

CONSUMER EDUCATION -- we may perform consumer education in cooperation with appropriate organizations. Through continuous consumer education, consumers are entitled to a correct understanding of the evil influences of counterfeits so that counterfeit-goods may disappear in the market place.

NOTICE -- we may arrange a notice in newspapers that counterfeiting activity violates the Trademark Law and Unfair Competition Prevention Law and that the violator be confined pursuant to Criminal Act.

COOPERATION -- we can cooperate with the Customs and various associations such as the Consumers' Association in order to achieve eradication of counterfeiter.

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